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History 480-The Presidential Election:  Does U.S. Democracy Work?--2008


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How are our leaders elected? Does the election process produce the best candidates and the most desirable ends? Why do so few eligible voters exercise their right on election day?  Do the American people really have a voice?  What role does money play?  How do the media effect the election process?  While addressing these questions, this course explores the major domestic and foreign policy issues of the campaign and the candidates' positions on each.  Students engage in extensive campaign research and take an integral part in the mock election process that envelops Loomis Chaffee every four years.  They also undertake thorough analysis of the election results.


Overview of Project (Project Description)


OverarchingGoal: Using the 2008 presidential election process as a focal point, students will examine the campaign and the election itself in order to determine the extent to which the process is functioning as "democratically" as it can, and to recommend to the next president specific strategies to enhance the democratic nature of the process for subsequent elections.


Secondary Goals


Students will analyze in great depth the candidates and their positions (as specific as the are) on the substantive issues to be discussed and debated during the campaign. They will also participate in LC's mock presidential election process in the role of presidential scholars and analysts. Students will evaluate the results of the election in terms of causes of the outcome and its significance.




Technology and Politics

Money and Politcs

Balance of Power in the Federal Government

Role of Demography

Voting/Election Reform

Personality/Character Board of directors meeting July 24, 2008.doc


Power of Pollsters, Party Committees, Political Consultants



Commentary on the Debates


Presidential Election Predictions


The Significance of the 2008 Presidential Election  



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Group Assignments


Group A: Sam Fisher, Melina Higgins, Wes Fantini


Group B: Ethan Galiette, Hunter Clark, Erica Chenard


Group C: Khalid Tellis, Anna Walden, Stephen Roth, Alex Butensky


Group D: Alex Freedman, Garrett Lieb, Anthony McGuire


Group E: Jillian Quinn, Jacob Zachs, Becca Croog


Group F: Garrett Wilkes, Taegan Williams


Group G: Jacob Carson, Dan Moorin, Marissa Gallerani


Group H: Sarah Dombroski, Cat Ingram, Alexa Mouta



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